Part 1: My First Day Exploring OOTP 17

A description of my first day trying to learn how OOTP 17 works so I could start playing it MLB game.


OOTP 17 is a baseball app that enables you to do much more than play baseball on a computer, where OOTP stands for Out of the Park. How much more I did not realize until began playing with the app on my Mac. And though I’d played many times both the APBA and the Strat-O-Matic baseball board games and APBA’s computer baseball game, I was not prepared for what I encountered after installing OOTP 17.

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When you start OOTP 17, a well rated baseball simulation app, these are the main choices available on the first screen you see. Stumbling through the online manual on my first day of exploration, I found the choice that would enable me to begin playing with the current MLB teams: “New Standard Game.” 

Menu on OOTP Home Screen
Menu on OOTP Home Screen

What I did not know at the time was that in “New Standard Game” OOTP defines game differently than I do, something I did not discover until later. I expected its “game” to mean a typical baseball game, the type I watch on TV. But that’s not how OOTP defines it. It defines it in a broader sense, more like the “game of baseball,” but even then the game played in the Major Leagues differs from the Little League game, and both of them are not identical to the game played in the Gulf Coast League.

In its online documentation’s section titled “Game Universe Terminology,” the closest definition I found was of a “saved game,” which is

one ‘universe’ of baseball in OOTP. A saved game could contain one league, five leagues, one league with multiple ‘subleagues,’ or any other combination of leagues and subleagues.

A “universe” of baseball is such a broad term I’m not going to try to define it; instead I re-viewed “New Standard Game” as meaning “New Game Universe.” And since then, I’ve slowly been learning what that universe includes — and how to play an MLB game the OOTP way.

Pirates’ fans have a winner

Last season the Pittsburgh Pirates won the second fewest games in Major League Baseball, so the team didn’t brighten many fans days. Fortunately, even when the Bucs lost, fans could spend time in the Bucs Dugout.

In this week’s baseball blogger interview, my guest is the blog’s creator, Charlie Winmouth, who’s had other things on his mind this week besides the Pirates: He lives in San Diego.

The interview took place before the fires began. And, yes, Charlie’s fine.

And for those of you who’ve missed it, switch over to the American League and read some good words from Tigers blogger Bill Ferris.

Tomorrow: the 4th blogger interview

The team: Pittsburgh Pirates.

The subject: A Wheeling, West Virginia native who’s now in San Diego

The Pirates may be low in the MLB standings, but this blog about them ranks high.

And if you have yet to read last week’s blogger interview, the team was the Detroit Tigers and the subject, Bill Ferris.