Tigers fan roars about team

Today I’d like to share with you an interview I did with Bill Ferris, who blogs about the Detroit Tigers. Ferris writes with energy and enthusiasm, but don’t just take my word for it. Roar on over to my interview with Ferris, and learn about the man behind the top-ranked Tigers blog.


What’s been happening?

Several days ago, I modified this blog’s configuration file in an attempt to get its pages to load faster. My attempt backfired. As a result, I had to recreate this blog.

The new blog’s a bit different. One change is that I’ve decided to focus on doing interviews, book reviews, and article writing. In particular, my baseball blogger interviews will move to the forefront. I’ve done two already with Brewers and Cubs bloggers and have two more ready for publication. You’ll see them soon.

Torre says “no,” decides to go

Joe Torre has guts.

When the Steinbrenner gang offered Torre only a one-year contract that included a $2.5 million cut in his base pay, Torre decided he rather be unemployed than the Yankees manager.

Of course, when you’re already a millionaire it’s easier to tell your boss what he can do with his “re-up” offer than when you’re just a “regular Joe.” Continue reading “Torre says “no,” decides to go”