iThoughts (for iOS) Tip #2

How to Add a Note to a Topic

  1. Select a topic. In the image below (from v. 2.15), the main topic (“Inheritance”) has been selected, indicated by the dashed line outlining it.IMG_0027-rev
  2. Double-tap the topic to switch to text mode, indicated when a blinking cursor appears in the topic.
  3. Tap and hold on a word until a horizontal black bar appears with these options:
    1. Select | Select All | Paste | BIU
  4. Tap “Select All.” All the topic’s text will be highlighted.
  5. A new horizontal black bar appears with nine options: The rightmost one is “Add to Note.” Tap it.
  6. The selected text will now appear above the map in the Notes area, separated from the map by a horizontal line. Centered just below the horizontal line is a large caret (^): When the caret is upside down, the Notes area is not visible. To its right is a plus sign; to its left, a minus sign. Tapping the plus sign increases the note’s font size; tapping the minus sign decreases it.

Note: Text added to a note in the Notes area does not appear in its topic.


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