iThoughts (for iOS) Tip #1

The screenshot below is from v. 2.15. It’s of a map made using iThoughts, a well-priced, well-constructed, mind-mapping app. To enlarge the map, click it.

IMG_0024-halfThe map has three nodes, called “topics” in iThoughts. The yellow oval (“Map1”) is the starting point.The orangey rounded rectangle (“Francis Christensen”) is a child of “Map1.” The topic “Appositives” is a child of “Francis Christensen.”

Above the map is the Notes window with this text: “An appositive is a noun or noun phrase that renames another noun right beside it.” That quote is associated with the topic “Appositives” and appears in the Notes window when the “Appositives” topic is tapped, causing the topic to be enclosed within a dashed outline.

The tiny, grey, nicked icon in the bottom right of both “Francis Christensen” and the “Appositives” topics indicates that each has an associated note in the Notes window.

To create a note for a topic, tap the topic to select it. If the Notes window is not visible, tap the symbol centered at the top of  the map that looks like a “𝘃” to open the Notes window. Then, tap in it (causing the keyboard to appear on-screen) and start typing.

➤ Tap the “+” to the right of the “𝘃” to enlarge the Note text (or the “-” to the left of the “𝘃” to reduce the text’s size).

To learn more about iThoughts, visit its website.


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